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Hello and Welcome to the worst website I have done to date!

Believe it or not, I really am a software developer but rarely have time to work on things like websites. Mostly I work on lower level communications code and custom code currently mostly on linux using "C".  I started in the computer field back in about '82 on Texas Instrument Mid range computers using COBOL, then PL1 and BAL on IBM mainframes and Tandem using TAL.  Moved into VTAM/NCP,  reading dumps and traces in support of the biggest SNA network on the planet. Finally moving back to code development on AIX and Linux which is the equivalent of moving from solving problems to creating them ;-)

I enjoy the web development but really have not devoted the time to learn the fancy stuff. There are many other things I would prefer to be doing when I am not writing code. That said, I have done a couple for family and friends like my brother Brian "The Editor" or my friend "Ernie the Attorney". (Click on their names to see their sites or if you need an editor, attorney or both).  They are nothing fancy (the sites that is...)  Just gave them a foothold on the internet.   

 Like my father says,

"You get what you pay for.."

As to what I like to do when I am not coding???  Lot's of stuff in addition to sitting on my butt watching a movie, the DVR or listening to music.

Diving Which I haven't done in quite some time. I Miss it. Used to go to Bonaire often till Hurricane Lenny and 9/11.  That was when Motorcycles came back into my life after a long hiatus. .
Woodworking Mostly furniture and projects for friends and family.  I would like to get back to working on and building guitars again.
Audio-video-philia Avid to some degree. In otherwords,  money IS an object.  Music and Movies and nice home theater setups are definitely nice to have. 
Motorcycling Harleys in particular...
Billiards A morbid unrelenting fascination.