William Lee (Willie Cue)

Completed 2004

Birds Eye Maple Nose and butt 

Curly Maple Handle

Black/White/Black Rings

Brown Phenolic Joint and Butt Cap. 

2 Shafts, LBM ferrules/ Moori and Talisman Tips.

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This was my first custom one off cue that I ever purchased.  I purchased it from Deno Andrews and this was the first time I had an opportunity to meet him.  Turned out my friend Jim lived in Deno's neighborhood and had a very nice old brunswick table.   Deno concented to drop by with the cue one evening and what an evening it was. He brought the Willie cue along with his Kersenbrock and his personal billiards cue, a beautiful Mike Lambros.  We all had some wine and Deno talked and demonstrated some techniques, gave pointers and talked about Pool and Billiards.  Deno also got me setup with Larry Schwartz that evening for some lessons. 

If was a fantastic evening and a great introduction to the world of billiards that I won't forget.

This is is the description from Deno's website www.3cushion.com as to how the cue came into his possession and his description of it.

"I met Willee in person in September of 2004. He was driving through Chicago on his way to Michigan for some contract work. I invited him to my home and showed him some of my collection. Later we went to Chris's Billiards to play a little. We hooked up with Larry Schwartz and Sven Davies. George Fels was on the table next to us, so I introduced Willee to him.

William is an up-and-coming cue maker. He uses modest equipment and does a really good job with it in my opinion. He has only been at it a few years but already makes a nice cue. I picked this cue out because it not only played really well, but I like the woods he used and how he used them. There are only subtle inlays in the cue and they are set apart with a nice use of wood. I tried to photo the cue with some different lighting setups to try to capture the nicely figured maples. The phenolic joint with the radial pin makes for a solid joint that is flat faced.

I will hopefully have more info or a bio of William in the near future. Until then, please enjoy the cue pictures."    

Deno Andrews

from www.3cushion.com