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  My Latest endeavor over the last several years has been to try and play pool as something other than a game of chance.   It has been a very slow process but it is coming along.  I try and get out 4 to 5 times a week to practice.  Most of the time at Chris's II in Des Plaines or Quintin Corner Pockets in Palatine.  My favorite is still Chris's on Milwaukee in Chicago.  








Special Thanks to Deno

  Early on, one person in particular gave me a lot of guidance and help in getting started.  Deno Andrews is an accomplished three cushion billiards player who also has a great and informative site He sold me my first custom cue (made by William Lee)  and got me hooked up with a great instructor, Larry Schwartz, a local pro and columnist for Billiards Digest. 

Deno also got me in touch with cuemakers Paul Drexler, Ed Young, Joe Gold (Cognoscenti Cues), Bobby Hunter (also a great instructor) and Joel Hercek.   He has guided me through several cue designs and always been ready wtih tips on playing the game when I have questions.  He is currently the tournament director for the International Pool Tour.

 A great guy with lots and lots of energy and impeccable taste.





  As with all my other activities, I love the tools and towards that end here are a few cues in the collection so far.  I have a few more interesting ones I will post later but this will have to do for now.  










Paul Drexler


Pete Lomax

Ed Young


Brunswick Butterfly

 (ToeBoy Conversion)

Adrian Viguera

William Lee (Willee)

Bobby Hunter



Mariposa Cues McDermott


(Background Photo Courtesy of Ken Lee copyright 2005)