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The Girls. ....

On a hot summer morning in 1995, Susan and I were both on the way to work when Susan heard something in the garage rafters.  It was a four week old kitten with no mother. 

The forecast was for high 90's and this kitten would not have lived out the day. 

We named her Keilidh (pronounced KayLee).

Susan potty'ed her and bottle fed her and we went through some scarey times in the beginning but she saved her. 

About 4 weeks later we got her a buddy, a grey stray kitten from a shelter who we named Koko, for Koko Taylor as she was a very vocal kitten.

Keilidh was very feral and Koko tried to teach Keilidh the difference between "play" and "all out war".  Keilidh never really totally got it.

When they started out, Keilidh was the bigger of the two but that didn't last long.  Koko grew to 15 lbs to Keilidhs 7 lbs. 

For many years we all lived together and had many many adventures.  Koko had some IBD problems in 2002 through 2004 but we got that under control. She needed daily meds from then on.  Keilidh remained perfectly healthy once past her early problems.

In the summer of 2006, Keilidh moved out to Lake Zurich to keep Susan company in her new home on the lake and loved watching the ducks, turtles and birds.  Koko remained with me to watch the grass grow and we became even better buddies. 

In March of 2009, Koko was diagnosed with Feline CRF.  Koko and I worked very hard at maintaining her weight and hydration. She had some problems walking but the Vet didn't any cause for 5+ weeks until June when they determined she had a soft tissue sarcoma.

They recommended amputation.  I got her into a specialist as fast as I could who did an MRI and found the tumor was extended up into her chest and was wrapped around her trachea. probably an even bigger factor in her gagging and reluctance to ear and drink.

The tumor was inoperable.

Koko went to sleep for the last time on a beautiful Friday afternoon on 6/5/2009 at 3:15PM.

I miss my buddy so much. The house feels quiet and empty. So do I. The pictures and memories are no where near enough to fill the void.

I'm glad of the 48 hours we had together before the end. I hope I will never forget her.

Goodbye Koko. Sweet Dreams


Used to be two.....

And then there was one...

102_0267_small.jpg (298094 bytes)

 Koko and Keilidh staying warm and comfy in the old days. Keilidh became a "lake kitty" in Lake Zurich with Susan and was very happy about it. 


Koko went to sleep for the last time on June 5th, 2009.

I miss my buddy.

 Koko's Last Day Movie

Koko's Last Day Movie(Hi Rez).


And then there were none....

Susan came home from work out of town on 3/19/10 to find Keilidh very sick.  She went to the vet where they diagnosed her with CRF and gave her some fluids and sent her home. She was worse on Sunday. She did not respond to IV fluids on Monday.

She was put to sleep that evening. 

She was very special and very brave. I will miss her very much.

Goodbye Keilidh Doodle...