Deno's Balistrade   


Example of the Purcell and Elmslie Balistrade.
Pic of stairway.   My outlines below don't seem to look exactly to scale so maybe I am off on my measurements.
Outline PDF Outline of opening with Dimensions.
Framework  PDF Newel, plates and railing without spindles.

Newel is 6x6. Top railing is about 8" wide and has horns that wrap around spindle.  Top railing butts against current pine 1x frame. Spindles set in dado'ed board underneath top railing board. I don't know if the bottoms of the spindles can be directly morticed into the bottom plate of if we will need to use another dado'ed board on top of the bottom plate.  The Dado would be the full length of the board and then oak spacers would be placed between the spindles to fill the dado and capture the spindles as well as retain the spacing.

The top board would need to be like this for sure.  May the bottom board as well. We will have to see.

The problem is doing angled mortises into the bottom plate. 

3/4 x 1 1/4 spindles 3/4"x1 1/4" spindles spaced 3/4" apart.  This should look similar to the Purcell and Elmslie design above.  
3/4 x 1 1/4 spindles with blocking Same as above but with small additional blocks between the spindles. Just an idea.
1" spindles 1" x 1" spindles spaced 1" apart.

I'm not sure if the 6x6 Newel looks too big or not.  Maybe it needs to be sized down to 5x5.

The other option I will draw up and add is with a tapers column to echo your columns out on the porch.  Trickier but definitely screams craftsman if done correctly.  

The other option I will try and draw up, even though you said you didn't want it, is a grouped spindle example, ie grouped in clusters of 3.

Let me know what you think. Email Me  or give me a call.